As the artist and designer behind Amber E Lea, my focus is to create innovative and balanced designs using clay to translate thought and inspiration into a tangible object with a contemporary aesthetic.

My goal is to bring fine art into daily life. Striving for the unexpected, I create one-of-a-kind pieces with hopes to inspire.

I tend to focus my time mainly on large sculptures and let the jewelry pieces evolve from there. I’ve always thought of the jewelry as wearable miniature sculptures. Some are subtle enough to be worn everyday, others are bold pieces meant to make an impact. The jewelry pairs hand-sculpted porcelain with fine metals. 

I started turning my ceramic art into wearable jewelry pieces in 2014, combining fine art with fashion in an ethical way. The processes and styles have evolved over the years, resulting in the most current collection I’m calling VIBE, designed with an active lifestyle in mind this collection hints to architectural elements.

I'm inspired by my love for the high New Mexican deserts and the simplistic lines of mid-century design. Dynamic hues combine with vibrant metals resulting in eye-catching pieces made for everyday life.

I’m a free spirit at heart; a mover and a shaker. I’m passionate about my artwork because it’s the place I feel most myself. Clay is my basis for true creativity and self-expression.

As a Southern-based design company, Amber E Lea specializes in incorporating a contemporary vision into the ceramic tradition, while maintaining a true-to-self sense of style.

Learn more about my process HERE. 


Press / As Seen In

•  501 Life Magazine
• Tryston Hines Blog
•  South Congress Hotel / Cafe No Se - Austin, TX
•  Lou & Grey - Holiday 2015 Collection
•  Renegade Craft Fair - featured in their Maker Spotlight series leading up to the Austin Spring 2015 Fair. This series highlights the processes and inspiration behind the work of Renegade Craft Fair Makers.