AMBER E LEA  jewelry is meant to be worn everyday and created to last.

Made in the USA using sustainable methods and materials, each piece is hand sculpted from porcelain and combined with fine metals.

Due to the hand crafted nature of the work, expect slight variations which make each piece truly one of a kind.

Extend the life of your jewelry with a little T.L.C.

To keep your jewelry pieces looking their best, clean the fine metals with a polishing cloth and wash the porcelain with a mild soap. Be sure NOT to scrub the 22k gold or silver (white gold) luster.  This is a surface treatment and may wear or fade with time depending on use.

 Every piece of jewelry and each ceramic object are made to be durable, but please use care. Remember that AMBER E LEA jewelry is meant to be worn!




14k Gold Fill
Gold fill is made from solid gold which is 'filled' with other alloys. Unlike gold plate, It will not flake or turn your body green. The finish and surface of gold fill has the same properties of solid gold because it is gold. 14k gold fill has a brass core, so please be mindful if you have extremely sensitive skin. Please care for your gold fill pieces just as you would a gold piece of jewelry. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth. 

Sterling Silver
When worn regularly, silver usually keeps it bright state. If kept out for periods of time, even unworn it can tarnish and the way it tarnishes depends on the climate you live in. You can easily rid your silver jewelry of tarnish with a simple polish.