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Our studio's heart

Where we transform everyday curiosity into playful works of art.

Creating elevated, long-lasting jewelry and homewares for your every day.


To mindfully source all of our materials and minimize our global impact as much as possible.


To offer products with the highest quality and sustainably sourced elements so you can live in them and use them confidently every single day.


To foster connection and welcome constant curiosity.


An unwavering attention to detail and purpose to make one-of-a-kind products that speak to your soul.


To provide comfortable, versatile pieces built to last and continuously elevate your everyday essentials.


In constant pursuit of ways to support our community, aspiring artists, and the planet.

Well, Hello There

I’m Amber, Founder & Artist

Amber E. Lea is a culmination of doing what I have loved for nearly 30 years.

My fascination and bewilderment with clay started early in life. Feeling the clay between my fingers, hands and seeing my sketches take shape on all different sides and angles transports me to another place. It’s the unknown yet excited feeling of opening the kiln and seeing what’s come to be—treasured objects made from something entirely organic. The intricacies and challenges of liquid to solid have drawn me back to this medium all these years.

With installation being my first venture into the art world, I grew to love the portability and accessibility of tiny sculptures through jewelry and homewares so more people could experience and view them. As my practice deepened over the years, my intentions and purpose have, too. From each piece of material I bring into my studio, I aim to know where it comes from, who supplies it, and ensure it won’t cause any further harm to the wearer or the planet.

My exploration of flowy, organic shapes and contrasting lines mimics my journey—one that’s felt far from linear but guided by exploration, ebbing, and flowing.

While my work has taken me to various places across the U.S., including Santa Fe, Baton Rouge, Arkansas, and now San Luis Obispo today, New Mexico’s High Desert, Japanese minimalism, and nature continue to be driving forces in my aesthetic.

The texture of my pieces is inspired by the footprints in the snow and toes in the sand—a visual reminder that someone was there. I love making things I haven’t seen before, playing with contrasting details, and letting a piece unfold within my hands.

Leaning into this sense of playfulness and openness to what clay can show me has taught me that art truly has no limit. With Amber E. Lea, I hope that with each piece you hold in your hands, you can also experience this same feeling of creativity—both in the home and self.

Your founder & artist,
– Amber

Our Homewares & Jewelry Making Process

A closer look into the making of each unique jewelry and homewares piece from start to finish.

01. Design

Play and experimentation are essential parts of this ongoing process. We’re constantly drawing inspiration from our surroundings and altering past designs. For us, this is a very hands-on process. Sketching aids in the beginning stages, but we find getting our hands in the clay helps fully open our imagination.

02. Color

Aside from naturally white porcelain, various hues are created by mixing colorants directly with the porcelain clay body. The pigment is throughout versus only on the surface, which results in deep, vibrant colors.

03. Sculpt

Whether a large sculpture or a tiny one, each piece begins with freshly wedged porcelain. Depending on the project, we use various techniques and tools to create each form. This step is where fine details come alive—by carving into the surface or painting the fine detailed lines.

04. Bisque Fire

The first of the three high firings. During this time in the kiln, all moisture leaves and the result is a dry, porous surface waiting to soak up glaze.

05. Sand

An ultra fine sandpaper is used to smooth out slightly rough surfaces resulting in one that’s silky smooth to the touch. This is key for the matte surfaces that are left unglazed.

06. Glaze

We like to think of it as painting with liquid glass, which is exactly what it is. Multiple layers are carefully painted onto the surface of each piece.

07. Glaze Fire

When the kiln reaches the ideal temperature of 2300ºF during the second firing, the glaze layer is fused to the surface of the clay creating a smooth vitreous finish.

08. Luster Fire

Metallic accents are added by hand painting 22k gold or white gold onto specific areas of the final design with a teeny tiny brush. These pieces are then popped back into the kiln for the third and final firing, resulting in shiny gold and silver accents.

09. Jewelry Assembly

This is the final step in bringing our jewelry to life. Fine metal elements are added to complete the process. Studs get their posts, necklaces are strung onto chains, and drop earrings are entwined with wires.

Amber's Go-To's

Outside the studio, you can find Amber exploring the natural wonders of the southwest, running around with her three-year-old, or hiking the sunny hills of SLO in her favorite pieces.

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The power of Art

Connecting, Inspiring & Changing Lives

We’re always exploring ways we can mentor aspiring artists, uplift our SLO community (and beyond!) and give back to a worthwhile cause. Some of our purpose-forward work includes our partnership with ArtFeeds, where a percentage of our sales support their continued efforts in helping little artists process big feelings through fun art lessons.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with various incredible organizations, including the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the Reynolds Cancer Support House.


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